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Valtcan Titanium Cutlery Camping Flatware Utensils Set Polished Ends

Valtcan Titanium Cutlery Camping Flatware Utensils Set Polished Ends

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  • Three Piece Titanium Camping Utensils withj polished ends - Fork, Serrated Knife and Spoon
  • Pouch for carry and cleaning, and d keyring for travel and easy carry
  • Great for camping, lunch, and dinner on the go, backup utensils in car and office
  • Made out of Titanium, Element 22 for non-corrosive, non-metalic tasting, and lightweight untensils
  • Easily clean with a few wipes of the included pouch

Valtcan 3-Piece Titanium Fork Spoon and Knife set is the perfect addition to your every day carry for lunch, camping, hiking, and even backup utensils in your car or office. Flimsy and cheap utensils just don't cut it when you sit down for a meal anymore once you experience your lunch or dinner with these ultralight and strong titanium flatware. Ever find yourself with a hot delicious meal only to be in search of a knife to split the portions or having to use a fork to eat icecream? Now you can rest assured that will never happen again when you purchase this 3-piece set and place in your cubicle or car. Titanium is corrosion-resistant and is very strong and very light. It is 40% lighter than steel but as strong as high-strength steel.

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