Valtcan Money Bag Fireproof Safe Briefcase

Valtcan Money Bag Fireproof Safe Briefcase

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  • Double handle fireproof safe bag to protect and store your valuable documents, money, jewelry and more
  • Double zippered fireproof safe bag secures your valuable from water, fire, and the elements.
  • Lightweight and portable fire proof safe bag designed for longterm storage in safe, office and everyday use
  • Dimensions: 15 inch x 11 inch x 0.8 inch with front pocket, inner pocket, double zip, and double handles for travel and portability
  • Valtcan Eagle logo on side of bag. Made out of Silicone Covered Fiberglass, Waterproof Rating:IPX4, fire resistant 1100-1200℃ or 2000+ Degree Fahrenheit. Fire Water Resistant Pouch Protects Jewelry, Cash, Certificates, Passports

Product Description

Valtcan Guardian Safe Briefcase Bag


For your Important Documents, money, jewelry and more.

Designed for your Important Documents, money, jewelry, laptops, ipad, certificates, family heirlooms, pictures, and more. Made of newest high quality Liquid Silicone Coated Retardant-fiberglass exterior,which can withstand temperatures as high as 1200°C/2192°F. This fire bag will keep your valuables safe from fire and water.

Do not take a chance with your irreplaceable valuables and keep them safe in this fireproof bag. Double handles for easy carry to make your escape in emergency and for efficient travel. Double zippers keeps everything inside securely.

Double pockets on both sides allow for easy access to everyday carry items like pen, notepads, phone, etc.

Light and Strong with Double handles

double handles

Protect valuables from fire, such as precious jewelry, passports, birth certificates, cash. Valtcan guardian

holds full sized papers, suitable for different situation. Can be placed into your safe case or your suitcase.

Flexible enough to be folded into tight spaces as well.

Made with Fire and water-resistant material

fire material

Non itching material means you not not need special gloves to handle. Flexible and soft material lets you fold and store firebag in safe and tight spaces like car glove compartment.