Valtcan Titanium Spork and Spoon Set Camping Essentials

Valtcan Titanium Spork and Spoon Set Camping Essentials

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ESSENTIAL Outdoor flatware - 3 in 1 utensil Fork, Spoon and Knife.

Valtcan Long Spork and Spoon Set

Valtcan Long Spork and Spoon Set

Ultralight titanium long handle spork and spoon set with matte finish handle and polished bowl. Polished bowls gives smooth touch and easy to clean surface. Just wipe clean with a few swipes from damp clothe or by hand. Long handle and flat head makes it easy to eat out of large dry food bags without getting your hands messy. Use it to stir pots, scoop food, tea leaves, coffee etc from bags.


Enjoy your Next Camping Meal with Titanium Utensils


Use them to cook and eat your next meals

Bio-compatible and non-corrosive titanium is superior material than usual aluminum, plastic or throw away wood chopsticks. With these Valtcan Titanium long spork and long spoon set you will no longer have to be troubled by common cheap throwaway plastic utensil problems. Made with 100% titanium, the Valtcan titanium Long spork and spoon set are durable, stain resistant, washer safe, and built to last.

You need to eat everyday; why not do it in style and delight your taste buds. Enjoy your meals and taste the difference! Makes a perfect gift to foodies and fine dining friends and family.

Light and Strong Titanium Spork and Long Spoon

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  • Rigid reenforced body design. No more bendy plastic sporks that ruin your meal. 
  • Made with 100% Titanium.
  • Sand blasted surface for grip
  • Easily cleaned with a few wipes after meal
  • 16 grams or 0.6 oz
  • Thin profile to slide into your backpack or meal containers


Keyring hole and Stuff Sack

Keyring hole

Handy built in keyring hole lets you attach to carabiner, string or paracord for easy carrying or identification.

What's included in this Titanium Set

2 bags

2 Cloth bags, 1 Titanium Long Spoon, 1 Titanium Long Spork

Two Stuff sack included for easy storage and carry. May be used to wipe long handle spork and spoon set clean.