Valtcan Fidget Spinner Guide Download

First they can be seen as pieces of Art. Spinners also serve a purpose for many who suffer from ADHD, fidgeting, stress, breaking habits, and more. Doctors have performed experiments showing how simulation with fingers help stimulate brain nerves and helps ADHD and many as a calming tool used to stay focused.
The Body of a spinner refers to the main part of the spinner that houses the bearings, wings, and any inserts if included in design.
Arms or wings refer to the ends of a spinner. It is common to refer to spinners based on the number of wings. Example - a tri spinner refers to a spinner with 3 wings. Duo is for 2, quad is for 4, Penta is for 5, hex is for 6, Octa is for 8, etc etc.
Typically the higher number of wings the more stable and less wobbly a spinner.
A modular spinner is a spinner that can customize the number of wings.
Example is the Valtcan CASTAWAY fidget spinner with 6 wings or pegs that you can customize.
Valtcan CASTAWAY spinner - a modular spinner
A uni-body spinner refers for spinners that have no breaks on ends and is just one piece.
Bearings are the heart of all spinners. It is what makes your spinner spin. They are the ball bearings in the middle of your spinner that are housed either by metal ring or ceramic one.
Bearing material can be steel, semi ceramic or hybrid ceramic, and full ceramic bearings. The size of your bearings inner,otter diameter, and width, determine the classification of it - for example an R188, 606, 608 bearing have specific industrial standard sizing that are different from each other. Your spinner will be designed to house on of these bearing sizes.
A full ceramic bearing is below: It is all white. While it looks like cheap plastic and the steel one looks more expensive to the untrained eye, these FULL ceramic bearings cost the most due to material and assembly.  The white plastic looking balls and rings are ceramic and are typically made of ZR02 (Zirconia Oxide)

They typically range from 10 to up to 50 dollars for a full ceramic bearing depending on the industrial standard sizing like 606, 608, r188, etc.
Full Ceramic bearing
On top of the bearing sizes and material of the bearings, a bearing can be caged or uncaged and shielded of unshielded.
Caged means that the bearings are housed within a ceramic ring so the bearings do not move around. An uncaged bearing does not have this ring and the bearings are free to move around. typically an uncaged bearing will spin longer because there is less friction without the ring.
A caged bearing is on the left and an Un-caged bearing is on the right below:
A shielded bearing is a bearing that basically has a cover over the bearings to prevent foreign material from entering bearing, lower bearing noise, and add protection to bearings.
A shielded bearing below:
An un-shielded bearing does not have this shield over the bearings. 
Spinner caps are what you hold or place your fingers on when you spin your spinner. They go over the bearings and provide a surface for your finger(s) or counter-top to spin on. Some spinners do not have caps and can spin on a pencil tip or pen. Some like spinning the caps of spinners while holding one to the arms as a way to relieve stress as well. 
Spinner inserts or addons can be both functional as well as decorative. They can be DIY or be part of a spinner design. Tritum inserts add illumination to your spinners. Inserts like copper or led units add weight and balance to your spinner as well as aid in cool spinning effects.
Material of a spinner describes what the spinner is made out of. Spinners can be composed of 1 or multiple materials
Common types of materials used to make spinners include plastic, abs, copper, brass, aluminium, steel, zinc alloy, and Titanium. Materials have a large impact on your spinners performance, durability, function and cost.
Typically metal spinners are not for 'Trick spinning' as they can easily break when dropped to ground from doing tricks. Plastic spinners with modified caps for quick and secure grips are best for trick spinning.
here is a Spinner material Guide:

This is just a guide, as the price of a spinner and quality of your spinner depend a lot more on design and quality assurance of your spinner. 



Most of Valtcan spinners can replace bearings or clean bearings by unscrewing inner caps that hold the bearing to the body of the spinner. A metal square flat tool will do the trick.
If your spinner's bearing is attached to the body of the spinner with Loctite, you can remove the bearings by heating the outter rim of the bearing with a hot blower or dryer until the loctite melts. Be sure to use caution when doing this and not overheat spinner. Remove bearings when you are at a desk or do so close to floor or over carpeted area as many have dropped their spinner when changing bearings. Rubber gloves can aid in gripping spinners for disassembling.
Over time dirt, dust, water or moisture may affect the performance of your spinner's bearings. Lower spin times can be fixed by replacing or cleaning bearings.
We recommend you try cleaning STEEL bearings first with isopropyl Alochol that you can find in any Walmart or supermarket. Remove bearing from spinner and then Submerge the entire bearing into the alcohol and spin the bearing around for about a minute. Take out of alcohol and do the same. Repeat 2 more times and a allow to air dry or use  lint free towel to wipe off alcohol. 
When replacing bearing, make sure to use the correct size. Do not force bearings into slots. Screw inner caps securely onto bearing and body of spinner but do not over torque inner caps as that will damage threads and bearings.
For ceramic bearings, clean by air or light lintfree cloth.
Do not add oil or lubricants on ceramic bearings as that will only hurt performance.
Depending on the design of the spinner, some wobble is to be expected - especially in duo or 2 winged arm spinners. To minimize wobble, make sure inner caps and caps are screwed on tight, bearings are clean, spinners are placed safely from falling onto floor, and are not used for "tricks spinning" over hard surfaces. Doing tricks with spinners should be done low to carpeted floors or sofas.
Pwnage Fidget Spinner App Download will be available for iOS and Android at the end of MAY 2017.
Description for app - the first fidget spinner meditation app. Fully utilize your fidget spinner with this Pwnage mediation app designed to help you focus your thoughts, track goals, aid in daily meditation, catalog and record your spinner collection, and more.

Functions include - quick start meditation for instant aid in meditation.
Journal to record and review past meditation.
Goal tracker to help you see progress and progression.
Customization of meditation sessions - timer, theme, questions, ideas, etc
Spinner Timer to catalog and log your spinners name, usage, and longest spin times.
Upcoming features: i-ching integration
Profile assessment and optimization
Complete pdf download of Valtcan's Fidget Spinner Manual here: