VALTCAN 200 Piece Solder Seal Wire Connectors

VALTCAN 200 Piece Solder Seal Wire Connectors

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  • Perfect Solid Wire Connections everytime. No need for soldering irons to connect electrical wires. Just place wire ends into connector ends and heat with hot air to form perfect solder connections
  • 4 Types of Solder Seal Wire Butt Connectors---20 Yellow(A.W.G.:12-10), 60 Blue(A.W.G.:16-14), 60 Red (A.W.G.:22-18), 60 White(A.W.G.:26-24).
  • Connections are insulated, sealed, Waterproof, and tear/pull resistant. No need for wiring tape, soldering stations, fans, solder, etc. Quick and easy process to connect your electrical wires.
  • Save time and money. No soldering or electrical engineering experience needed to use correctly. No need for expensive soldering equipment to make the perfect connections even in tight and hard to access areas. No guess work needed to see if your wire connections are good with clear visible tubing to see connections.
  • 200 piece set Comes in carrying case with instructions and connector specifications on sticker top.


4 Types of Solder Seal Wire Butt Connectors---Yellow(A.W.G.:12-10), Blue(A.W.G.:16-14), Red (A.W.G.:22-18), White(A.W.G.:26-24).Solder in the middle of the connector---Insulated & Sealed.After melting, the wires are Sealed and Tightly Connected.

Instructions on how to use:

  1. Select approximate connector that fit wires
  2. Place wires into each end of the connector
  3. Heat connector and watch solder flow into wires to chemically form solid solder connection. The connector will shrink and seal the wires into place for secure the wires physically and protect against water, elements, shock, vibration, pull, and tear.