Valtcan Titanium Key Holder Wishbone Exclusive Stonewash Finish

Valtcan Titanium Key Holder Wishbone Exclusive Stonewash Finish

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  • You will not even notice these are in your pocket or attached to your belt: Ultra lightweight around 40 Grams Full Titanium Key organizer Holder
  • Organize all your keys with this Titanium Wishbone Keyholder: Large capacity holds all your key chain, caribeaners, edc, smaller carabiners with ease. Double loop design one one too and one on bottom.
  • No More Jingling Key Noise and Never lose your keys again. Dimensions and weight: about 3.25x1.1x1-1.7 inches; Total Weight is around 40 Grams
  • Easily Access your keys by swinging out desired key. Beautiful and slip resistant: Titanium with Stonewash surface for better grip and beauty
  • Dimensions: 3.25 x 1.1 inches. Heavy duty key holder that will take drops and beating: Superior craftsmanship and Full Titanium construction for non corrosive, 4x strength of steel, ultra lightweight, and nonmetallic smell.

Full titanium key organizer for your keys. Matte stone washed surface for rugged look and smooth surface. To attach keys to your Valtcan key holder, simply place keys into long screw and use black spacers between keys. Screw ends to secure wishbone keyholder. Use the included white spacers for side that is not in use. You have option to use short, long, or short+long white spacer on side that is not in use depending on number of keys you want attached to your Valtcan titanium key organizer.

Key Features

+ Silent keys in your pocket that is organized in compact titanium keyholder. No more jingling keys in your pocket

+ Swing out key design to quickly access your desired key. Save time from fiddling to find correct key when opening doors or locks.

+ Titanium construction for lightweight, durability, reliability, scent free, rust free and corrosive resistant. 

+ Prevent scratches to your other EDC items from your keys. Smooth edge wishbone designed to mitigate scratches.

+ Exclusive stonewash finish is slip resistant, durable and beautiful

What is included:

+ Front and Back Titanium Wishbone plate keyholder

+ 20 Black washer spacers

+ 2 Long Screws

+ 6 End Screws

+ 1 Short and 1 long white spacer