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Valtcan Titanium Lunch Bento Box 1200ml with Lid Handle

Valtcan Titanium Lunch Bento Box 1200ml with Lid Handle

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  • Titanium Bento Lunch Box. Reheatable over fire. Do not microwave
  • Quick cap cover with foldable and removable handle. Silicon heat protection at end of handle for easy handling over fire.
  • Stackable solution that is perfect for storage and carrying for trips, camping and hiking.
  • 1200ml capacity measurements:178x108x70mm. Valtcan Eagle on titanium box.


Product Description


Titanium bento box for food storage and quick reheating of meals for hiking and camping trips. Light and compact for easy carry and storage. Comes with storage bag. Easy lift lid is secured with side groves and folding handle. 


These stackable titanium canisters can be used for storage and on hiking camping trips. Handles are removable and can be used to hold container over fire to quickly reheat contents.


Light weight and measures 178x108x70mm or 7x4.25x2.75 inches

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