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Get back to nature with Valtcan Titanium products. Reliable Titanium gear for hiking, backpack, camping and outdoor adventures.


Company background and Designer Profile

Flora and Wilson

Wilson started Valtcan with Flora to bring EDC titanium products to the market. Wilson has a background in Electrical Engineering and Flora has background in Business and finance. Their first design was a Titanium toothpick holder and dispenser which is still available online. The idea was simply from Wilson’s need for a toothpick after meals and the lack of any real products that fulfilled this need.

What started as a hobby became quite an adventure from prototypes we made on our spare time to creating Valtcan Inc. that serves those with similar tastes and high standards.  The toothpick dispenser took about a year to bring to market after initial concepts, to design, and working with manufacturers. And the lessons learned from that experience still remains invaluable to us.

Pens have always been a part of our lives as we are big pen lovers and have quite a collection in ballpoint and fountain pens ever since college. Our Titanium pen collection exemplifies what Valtcan is and the satisfaction we want our customers to experience.

A recent customer wrote the following review which made us both smile and recognize that we are fulfilling this promise:

“This Titanium Pen is 100% outstanding!! Without a doubt an AMAZING pen for everyday use! I absolutely loved this titanium pen so much, I placed an order for a second one to keep in my car and I actually threw away EVERY other pen that I owned, I really did - I promise. I also replaced the refill with a Fisher Space Pen refill for both.”

Today the world is a lot different than the days we grew up in - where we played outside with neighbors everyday till sunset. Technology is only accelerating and distractions are fighting for everyone’s attention and drowning out their own thoughts, missions and life path. We believe nature can heal this and we just need to do nothing in its presence to reconnect with nature, God, our true self and inner peace. 

This knowing and inner peace is just like what the poet Rumi once said... ” No amount of searching will find this. A perfect falcon, for no reason, has landed on your shoulder, and become yours.” 




30 day money back guarantee

For 30 days after the date of purchase, return your undamaged product and receive a full refund for ANY reason. Or you can request for an exchange and we will ship the new item for free if in stock.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime and we will respond. 

In any case you need contact or ask us about anything, you can email us at

Contact: contact@valtcan.com

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Valtcan Inc

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