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Valtcan Titanium EndurePro Canteen with Mess kit Set Hydrate for Survival 1.1L, 750ml, 400ml Lunchbox cup with lid and Carrying Case

Valtcan Titanium EndurePro Canteen with Mess kit Set Hydrate for Survival 1.1L, 750ml, 400ml Lunchbox cup with lid and Carrying Case

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The Valtcan Titanium Miltary Canteen with Mess kit Set. 100% titanium set comes with the following

+ Titanium canteen with reinforced body 1 Liter capacity

+ Two mess kits with foldable handles that stack neatly with the canteen

+ Lid with small handle

+ Carry case with multiple pockets and mole design clapse closures. Adjustable shoulder strap attachment for easy carry

+ Campfire chain for mess kits

Weights and dimensions:

The canteen is roughly 7 1/2” x 5” x 3 and weighs approximately 5.6oz. The 750ml cup is about 3 3/4” x 5 1/4” x 3” and weighs 3.7oz. The 400ml cup is 2” x 5 1/4” x 3” and weighs about 2.7oz. The lid is 1/4” x 5 1 /2” x 3 1/2” and weighs 1.3oz and has strain holes on top. The carrying case is roughly 7” x 7” x 3” and weighs 4.8oz.



  • Titanium Canteen and Mess Kit Set for outdoor camping, backpacking, hiking and edc
  • Huge Capacity 1100ml canteen. 2 mess kits with foldable handles and lid.
  • Carrying Case stores entire kit. Case includes shoulder strap provides travel solution and extra space when backpacking.
  • All in one mess kit you need when camping. Cook and eat your meals, heat up water in canteen bottle.
  • Valtcan Eagle on Canteen and mess kit

Product Description

Valtcan Titanium Military Canteen with mess kit set is light and strong, corrosion-resistant and lasts for years. Included hooks can be used to hang messkits and canteen for cooking. Handles on mess kits easily folds when not in use. Entire kit nests into one unit and stores neatly into included canteen carrying case. The carrying case is designed with mole system for securing onto bags and gear. Canteen capacity 1100ml, large mess kit capacity 750ml and smaller mess kit capacity 400ml.

Included is a removable strap for over the shoulder carry.

Bail handles on mess kits are removable. One Titanium lid with tiny handle is included. Perfect for travel, camping, offices, or hiking trips. Rounded bottom edges make cleaning easy and improves heating efficiency. Handles fold away for compact storage in mesh bag or cupboard. Titanium leaves no metallic smell or taste. Please wash with warm soapy water before using. Note that the cap of the cateen will squeak initally until worn in. The cap will become more silent after use when threads are broken in. Do this manually to speed up process by wetting the cap with water and screwing on and off cap around 30 times.

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Ready for your Next Adventure in the Wilderness


  • 100% Titanium Canteen with secure cap, mess kit combo and carrying case
  • Taste the difference. No more metallic taste and smell. Mesh bag included with camping cup for travel and storage.
  • Ultra lightweight for camping, bush craft, cooking, on the go, hiking, work and travel. Titanium canteen with mess kit
  • Dimensions Height: 7.7 inches tall with lid, 6 in width. About 3.35 inches in depth
  • Valtcan Eagle on canteen, and mess kits. Please wash thoroughly with soap and warm water before use.


4 piecews

Military Titanium Canteen with lid mess kits and carrying case

Designed for compact carry. The canteen will nest into the mess kits and fit into carrying case. Carrying stuff sack included. Use the included stuff sack to store your Valtcan canteen or use it to protect your hands and fingers against hot beverages.

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Cooking on the Go

Very light weight and easy to carry for small and long trips. Everything goes into the included carrying case with adjustable/removable strap. Perfect for boiling food, water, and cooking.

Comes with two stackable mess kit with foldable handles, canteen pouch, and titanium chain for over fire heating and cooking.

Camo pouch included with inner deep pocket for lid and storage of edc when backpacking.



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