Track Your Order

What is tracking number?
Tracking number is the number that is provided by the courier. We will send this number to your email after the product's shipped, about 3-5 days after order date. Please note that it is different from order number, and if you do not receive the tracking notification after 5 days, please check your spam folder in your email account.
1. Why is my tracking number is listed as expired? 
This case usually happens for USA customers. Should this occur, please track your order using USPS service here.
2. Why is mtracking number is listed as pending? 
Usually the tracking number needs 5-10 days to be updated since our mail notification. Should the tracking number still pending after 10 days, please immediately contact us.
3. Why is mtracking number is listed as not exist? 
Please immediately contact us should you got "TRACKING DOES NOT EXIST" notification.