Attention all Hydrohomies

waterbottle cap mold

Do you use a steel water bottle or plastic water bottle? Do you ever notice your water or drink has some metallic, plastic or sometimes chemical taste and smell to it? Especially after it is stored for a few hours in a hot sunny day or during a long hot hiking trip? Different metals, such as stainless steel or aluminum, can contain trace amounts of minerals or alloys that can affect the taste of the water.

 moldy steel bottle

Mold can also develop around the bottle cap and drinking area within a day or two if not sanitized; leading to sore throats, itchy lips, upset stomachs or worse.


Now you can eliminate this by upgrading to Valtcan titanium today. Our bottle is made entirely out of Grade 1 Titanium to eliminate imparting off taste to your delicious drinking water. Upgrade to Titanium and taste the difference today.


Valtcan titanium bottles, pots and canteen features:

  • Full grade 1 titanium construction
  • No metallic or plastic taste imparted to stored liquids for days/weeks
  • Dishwasher safe and seal on cap is removable for deep cleaning and sanitizing
  • Heatable over open flames for boiling water outdoors or on kitchen stoves
  • Ultra lightweight and built to last with thick 0.6mm grade 1 titanium construction
  • Large 1000ml capacity for all day hydration with large wide mouth opening
  • Handle on cap for paracord or carabiner attachment
  • Custom carrying case included

Buy now - get our upgraded canteen cover with purchase of our Canteen with mess kit set.

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