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Valtcan 1000ml Titanium Water Bottle Wide Mouth Single Wall 34oz capacity Ultralight 219g

Valtcan 1000ml Titanium Water Bottle Wide Mouth Single Wall 34oz capacity Ultralight 219g

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  • Ultralight Titanium 1000ml or 34oz capacity water bottle with secure cap. Only 219g or 7.7oz
  • Crafted from Grade 1 Titanium 0.6mm thickness. Boil water over open flames or on kitchen stoves. Works with electric cooktops as well. Does not work with induction cooktops. Reinforced bottle bottom prevents warping.
  • Taste the difference: Titanium imparts no metallic smell or taste to liquid even after long periods of storage. 
  • Carrying case included for travel and storage of the entire set. Adjustable straps and front pocket allow greater flexibility on the go.
  • Ultra lightweight for the gym, hiking, camping, bush craft, cooking, on the go, jobsite and travel. 
  • Dimensions Height: 8.5 inches tall with lid, 3.5 in diameter. Weight: 219 grams. Mouth diameter 59mm outter and 53.8mm inner.
  • Valtcan Eagle on water bottle. Please wash thoroughly with soap and warm water before use. Gasket seal on lid is removable for cleaning. Dishwasher safe. Non coated titanium water bottle. Scratched areas around lid and cap are normal with use and safe.

Product Description


Water bottle in fire

Valtcan Titanium Water Bottle Canteen

Valtcan 1000ml Titanium bottle is the ultimate travel bottle for your camping, hiking, everyday, and traveling needs. No Kettle? No problem, just take off the lid and put over fire to boil your water.

Material: Titanium (Grade 1, no coating) 0.6mm thickness

Made entirely of ultralight weight titanium.

Valtcan Ti bottle comes with custom designed carrier with removable paracord handle, adjustable and removable strap, molle system and 2 pockets.

Dimensions: Height: 8.5in x Diameter: 3.5 in

Total Weight: 219 gram bottle

Boil and decontaminate water with this titanium water bottle. Just fill with water and place in or over fire. Remove carefully with tongs. Do not place caps on bottle when placed over fire.

The most biocompatible metal on earth that's also light, strong, and won't rust or corrode.

Valtcan eagle on side of bottle.

1000ml bottle

Valtcan Titanium 1000ml 34oz Canteen Water Bottle

Valtcan 1000ml Titanium canteen water bottle is the ultimate travel bottle for your camping, hiking, biking, camping pot, everyday carry, and traveling needs.

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bottle details


Bottle Sleeve warmer and carrier

Custom bottle carrier included to keep your hands cool for hot drinks, carrying, storage and easy grip.

Custom cap with seal included

Designed with Smooth edge all around. Large foldable handle on lid.

Full Titanium Compact and Simple Design

Stable large diameter bottom for quick and safe heating over direct fire on stove or camp fire.

The Ultimate Outdoors Man and Everyday Carry Water Bottle

titanium bottle 1000ml

Designed for the Outdoorsman in Mind

Bring the Valtcan Titanium Bottle with you on your next outdoor adventure and taste the difference. Home and office use also highly recommended. Carrying in carrier to gym, worksite, and office. Mobile phone, keys, napkins, edc, and small wallet fits into the front and side pocket of the water bottle carrier.


  • Valtcan Titanium Bottle is more biocompatible than steel, aluminum, or plastic. No allergic reactions.
  • Highly corrosion and rust resistant
  • 45% lighter than steel
  • 2x stronger than aluminum
  • Won't leach any chemicals or impart any taste. Tast only the pure ingredients into the bottle even after long storage.

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