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Valtcan Ground Wrist Strap Tester Anti-Static ESD

Valtcan Ground Wrist Strap Tester Anti-Static ESD

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  • Simple and Responsive Push Button Wrist Strap Tester
  • Provides clear audible and visible fail/pass indications
  • Small size, cordless, portable operation for use in any work area
  • Quickly and easily check ground systems at any place
  • Fabricated in a durable, ESD-safe plastic housing. Operates with 9V battery. Battery not included. Ground wire strap is not included.

Valtcan Exact wrist strap tester verifies that resistance of your wrist strap or grounding wire is no lower than 800KΩ and no greater than 9MΩ.The proper resistance will provide an "OK" LED indication on the wrist strap tester. If either the RED "FAIL LOW" or Red "FAIL HIGH" LED's light, and the audible indicator sounds, then the wrist strap (or the ground cord) should be replaced. Requires 9V battery. Battery not included. Unscrew two screws on back of unit and insert 9v battery into compartment.

Compact, Portable and Effective

Specifications with Resistance (±10%):

  • LO (red): R<800K ohm Buzzer Indicator: ON
  • OK (green): R = 800KΩ ≈ 10MΩ Buzzer Indicator: OFF
  • HI (yellow): R>10M ohm Buzzer Indicator: ON
  • Dimensions: 80(W)x40(H)x117(D)mm
  • Power source: 9V battery



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