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Valtcan Prime Sprue Cutter for Model Kits Thick Nipper

Valtcan Prime Sprue Cutter for Model Kits Thick Nipper

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  • Flush Cut Diagonal Nippers: Cutting Pliers for thick plastic pieces and plastic trees. Remove plastic parts from trees. Leave 1mm between parts and tree for best results.
  • Reliable Model Kit Nippers with spring - Cut your build time in half. Cut close to parts and cut nubs with minimal to no visible nub marks. Valtcan logo on sprue cutter snipper
  • Sharp and Precise Cutting Hobby model Kit nippers: High quality Japan steel provide Straight smooth cuts without tearing.
  • Rubber handles provides you with secure grip and full control when cutting even the smallest and delicate model parts. Durable and lightweight construction for intensive model kit building sessions. Pin on side limits over extensions of pliers.
  • Quick spring release to remove parts and Finish all your Gundam model kits in record time. Note* Pin on side helps to stop plier from over extending. Oil lubricant residue may cause some discoloration to pliers after long storage - just wipe with soapy damp towel to remove rust and excess oil.


Product Description

Valtcan Prime Sprue Cutter for Model Kits Thick Plastic Nipper: the best solution to cut and trim plastic parts from their sprue trees.


Suitable for other projects as well including: gunpla real grade, hg, pg, mg, metal kit, car and airplane kits, bonsai, trimming plants, wire cutting, and more! 


Make sure to wipe blades every 15-20 parts that are cut to clear away any debris. This will set your pliers operating at optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

Premium Sprue Cutter Nippers Designed for Your Gundam and Hobby model kits

valtcan nipper action

Valtcan Nippers for Plastic Model Kits

Valtcan Prime Sprue Cutter for Model Kits Thick Plastic Nipper: Cutting out parts from metal and plastic sprues trees usually takes up half the build time for a model kit builder. This time is increased if you do not have professional grade cutting tools that may tear, over-cut or under cut your model kit pieces. Such results lead to second and even triple touch ups with more cutting, sanding and repair. You need a model kit nipper to precisely cut trees with the least amount of tearing. The One Pull Pro / Waterun Sprue Cutter for Model Kits will do the job the first time, every time. About 5 inches in length.

Nipper details

Designed for the beginner to advanced model kit builders


Steps to cutting out parts from Sprue tree kit:

Step 1: Cut piece out from sprue tree with about 0.5-1mm in spacings

Step 2: Cut remaining plastic nubs flush to rest of the part.

Optional Step 3: Use a sand paper with polish grit grating to remove rest of visible nub joint appearance that remains.

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