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Valtcan Titanium Gaiwan Double Wall Teapot Single Serve Brew Tea Puer Leaves 98g

Valtcan Titanium Gaiwan Double Wall Teapot Single Serve Brew Tea Puer Leaves 98g

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New Titanium Teapot with Lid for camping and home use is designed with traditional tea brewing in mind. At 180ml capacity and double walled. this titanium gaiwan is designed to brew and pour tea efficiently multiple times in one session. Single spout with protective handle grips make pouring freshly brewed hot teas a joy in the morning or teatime afternoon. Makes a great gift.

Please watch this video to learn more about making Tea with the Valtcan Titanium GaiwanA separate kettle or pot with 600ml or more capacity is recommened with this gaiwan.  Boil water in the separate kettle or pot then fill/refill gaiwan to make tea  2-4 times from same tea leaves. Taste the subtle change in tea flavor and aroma after each brew. Steep tea leaves in titanium gaiwan for 1-3 minutes depending on tea and desired tea strength. You can drink out of this gaiwan or pour into smaller teacups to enjoy the freshly made tea.

  • Titanium 180ml Teapot with lid. Double walled designed to make fresh tea to pour into separate cup. Weighs only 98 grams.
  • Thick Titanium side paddings provide protection when handling and pouring fresh hot infused tea from Titanium Gaiwan
  • Spout at end of cup designed for pouring and sipping. Lid comes with built in fine strainer. Brewing your favorite tea as well as a drink from this Teapot.
  • Taste the difference: Full Titanium Construction double walled to keep tea and drinks hot
  • Valtcan Eagle on cup. Please wash thoroughly with soap and warm water before use.
  • Hand wash only for lid. Dishwasher safe for cup/body of gaiwan teapot.
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