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Valtcan Titanium Flask "Double Up" Ti Funnel 180ml 6 oz Capacity 144g

Valtcan Titanium Flask "Double Up" Ti Funnel 180ml 6 oz Capacity 144g

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Full titanium made hip flask. Taste the difference with pure titanium construcion. This flask is designed to fit in front pocket of Valtcan Canteen carrying case or any pocket that will accomadate a flask the size of a modern smart phone. The included funnel is specially designed for this flask to funnel liquids clean and quickly. The flask is airtight and cap is secured with titanium clip that is not removable. Ultralight weight at 144g.

Product description

Titanium hip flask is light and strong, corrosion-resistant and lasts for years. Total weight of flask is just 3.8 oz. Perfect for travel, camping, offices, or hiking trips. Rounded bottom edges make cleaning easy and improves heating efficiency. Smooth curve designed to rest comfortably near body in pockets or slings. Please uncap before heating flask. Cap is held in fold away hinge for quick sips and deployment. Can be used for alcohol, oil, water, vinegar, etc. Titanium leaves no metallic smell or taste. Please wash with warm soapy water before using.


Ready for your Next Adventure in the Wilderness


  • 100% Titanium flask with secure cap, custom titanium funnel and carrying case included
  • Taste the difference. No more metallic taste and smell. Mesh bag included with camping cup for travel and storage.
  • Ultra lightweight for camping, bush craft, cooking, on the go, hiking, work and travel. Dimensions Height: 5.5 inches tall with lid, 3.5 in width. About 1.1 inches in depth
  • Valtcan Eagle on flask. Please wash thoroughly with soap and warm water before use.


flask tilt

Military Titanium Flask with Cap, Funnel and soft Storage Case

Designed for compact carry and fits into the Valtcan canteen carrier front pocket. The flask will nest into your jacket, pants, jeans, or backpack pocket smoothly. Carrying stuff sack included. Use the included stuff sack to store your Valtcan flask or use it to protect your hands and fingers against hot beverages.

Product Detail Images

top view

Rugged Military inspired design

Designed for EDC this titanium flask will hold and pour your beverages with a few twists of the cap.


top opening

Slim design

Smooth lip edges for spill free drinking and pouring. Traditional hip flask features in design like curved back, smooth edges, cap holder.




Comes with pouch and funnel. Makes a great gift for the holidays.




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