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VALTCAN Titanium Spork 3-in-1 Fork Spoon Knife Essential Camping Flatware 24g

VALTCAN Titanium Spork 3-in-1 Fork Spoon Knife Essential Camping Flatware 24g

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  • TITANIUM CAMPING & HIKING SPORK: Great gift for the outdoors person, hiker, and camper. Material: 100% Titanium 3 in 1 Spork ultra lightweight for everyday carry for lunch, dinner, meals on the go, camping, hiking trip, outdoor, road trips, and more.
  • COMPACT & VERSATILE: Compact design that does the job of 3 utensils all in 1. Spoon-fork-knife combo with serrated edge on side of fork; Full-size spoon and fork ends lets you eat everything from soups and cereals to steak, sausages, and eggs.
  • TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: No more plastic smelling and tasting utensils that ruin your meals. Enjoy your meals the way they should taste. Durable and machine washable. Just wipe with cloth after meals for quick clean. Titanium is nontoxic, non-corrosive, bio-compatible, temperature-and corrosion-resistant, and leaves no taste or smell.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT with Weight: 24 grams or 0.8 oz made entirely of Titanium. Durable, diswasher safe, lightweight, strong, tough, and just works. Feels good on mouth and tongue.
  • DURABLE: Will last virtually forever with proper care and usage unlike throwaway plastic sporks that harm our environment. Carrying pouch included for convenient cleaning and storage. Dimensions Length 6.5 x 1.8 inches. Valtcan Eagle logo on middle of spork.

Product Description

ESSENTIAL Outdoor flatware - 3 in 1 utensil Fork, Spoon and Knife.

DELIGHT YOUR TASTE BUDS: Treat yourself to these titanium Sporks

The only flatware you need that is Ultra lightweight at 24 grams or 0.8 oz. One side is a spoon while the other side is a fork with a serrated edge to be used as a knife. Light and Strong Titanium Spork for camping, lunch, office, hiking, outdoors, home, dinner and more. Non corrosive, non-rusting, bio compatible titanium material means that your meals taste like how they should without any metallic or plastic taste.


  • Rigid reinforced body design. No more bendy plastic sporks that ruin your meal. 
  • Made with 100% Titanium.
  • Sand blasted surface for grip
  • Easily cleaned with a few wipes after meal
  • 24 grams or 0.8 oz
  • Thin profile to slide into your backpack or meal containers
  • Carry pouch included


Delight your Taste Buds with the Valtcan Titanium Spork

spork your food

Perfect for outdoor meals

Great versatile utensil for all your outdoor meals; your dependable and convenient spork from breakfast to dinner. Eat all your meals with this trusty titanium spork.

EASY TO CLEAN: Dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with few wipes from damp cloth after meal. Too lazy to rinse and dry? Just throw them in the dishwasher and they will be good as new for your next meal.

Thick and sturdy with Serrated Edge Knife


Handy built in knife edge to chop down your proteins, veggies, or carbs into bite-sized pieces.

Compact enough to fit in just about any camping backpack side pocket or lunch box. Strong enough to withstand bending pressure with ridged body design.

Use Two Valtcan Sporks as tongs for scooping up or tossing salads, noodles, and stringy foods.

The Essential Flatware for Outdoor Camping or Everyday meals

compact size

Compact design for everyday carry accompanying lunch or on the go meals. Carry one in your lunch box, backpack, car, or snack bar for use as a knife, spoon, or fork.

spork ends

Large fork and spoon ends for maximum leverage in every meal. Take large chunks or use the knife edge to make more edible sizes.


Carrying pouch included for storage and cleaning. Keep dry when not in use. Wash in warm soapy water and wipe dry before use. This will last a Lifetime as an essential flatware with proper care.

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