Better Materials Make Better Coffee: The Valtcan Titanium Percolator Pot

Better Materials Make Better Coffee: The Valtcan Titanium Percolator Pot

Is there anything better than starting a day on the trail with a hot cup of coffee? Or enjoying a celebratory cup of brew at the summit? We don’t think so. In fact, there’s really no better pre-hike fuel than a steaming cup of fresh coffee brewed in the heart of the wilderness. We’re excited to explore the joys of crafting coffee while hiking, camping, or backpacking, and shine a spotlight on how our titanium percolator pot can take your outdoor coffee experience - and time in the wild - to new heights.

We’ve Created The Perfect Brew Companion

Picture this: you’re nestled into your sleeping bag at your cozy campsite when the sun begins to peek over the horizon. As you stretch and yawn your way into the day, nothing sounds better than a fresh cup of joe. After stoking your fire or setting up your stove, you reach for your ultralight-weight titanium percolator by Valtcan. Soon enough, the aroma of fresh coffee fills the air, awakening your senses and energizing your spirit for the day ahead. Not only do Valtcan products fit seamlessly into your outdoor routine, they also enable you to enjoy the process of creating great beverages and meals.

The Benefits of Using Premium Titanium

We prioritize high-quality materials to make high-quality products, which is why we love using premium titanium to create reliable, lightweight gear that can stand up to any adventure. Titanium is known for its durability, strength, and low weight, which makes it the ideal choice for backpackers and campers across the globe. Unlike traditional percolators made from lesser materials, our titanium percolator boasts a reinforced bottom that prevents warping over open flames or camp stoves, which ensures consistent performance and even cooking even in rugged conditions.


Many of our titanium products - like our camping pots and cups - are highly reviewed and well-loved thanks to their durability and minimal weight. Our Titanium Percolator is made from grade 1 Titanium: this also allows us to eliminate the use of coatings or sealants (which can come off over time) and means they are dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean after every big trip.

Using A Percolator On The Trail

Using a percolator might seem challenging at first, but we’ve simplified the process for you, making it easy to feel confident before hitting the trail. If you’re a visual learner, we’ve even created videos to help you see how adventurers use the percolator in the wild. Here are the steps we recommend:


  1. Fill the percolator with water up to the desired level, using convenient measurement markings for accuracy.
  2. Add your favorite ground coffee to the percolator basket, adjusting the amount based on how strong (or weak) you like your coffee.
  3. Secure the percolator basket and place the entire percolator over your camp stove or an open flame.
  4. Let the water heat up, watching for bubbles through the percolator basket. These bubbles are what infuse your coffee with rich flavor and aroma.
  5. Once you feel your coffee has brewed long enough, take the percolator away from your heat source and let it cool for a few minutes before pouring.
  6. Pour yourself a cup of piping hot coffee, and be sure to savor each sip. You did it!

Designed For Any Adventure

We took our time designing our large selection of titanium products, especially the percolator. To meet the specific needs of outdoor enthusiasts, we prioritized practicality and functionality at every step. The large foldable handles make the percolator easy to transport and pour safely, reducing the risk of burns and eliminating the need for extra materials. The 1.5L capacity means you’ll have plenty of coffee to share with friends if you so choose (or have a double cup for yourself - we won’t judge). Whether you’re heading off on a multi-day backpacking trip or enjoying a leisurely weekend of camping, we’ve designed this percolator to serve as the perfect coffee companion.


In a world full of constant hustle and bustle, it feels great to escape “real life” to enjoy the great outdoors for a while. We know that the ability to bring along some of our favorite routines, rituals, and treats makes time in the wilderness even more special. With the Valtcan titanium percolator in your pack, we know you’ll find joy and warmth on the trail, one sip at a time.





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